Take a look at the services available and choose what's best for you.

Basic Photoshoot

Photoshoot of up to 30 minutes and one person; 5 high-res pictures delivered.
Available on working days only, within Kanton Zug.
Best suited for restless babies or busy moms.

Standard Photoshoot

Photoshoot of up to 90 minutes and up to four people; 20 high-res pictures delivered.
Scheduling on weekends is possible, extra fee applies.
Best suited for pregnancy and children.

Complete Photoshoot

Photoshoot of up to 180 minutes and up to seven people; 50 high-res pictures delivered.
Scheduling on weekends is possible, extra fee applies.
Best suited for families, wedding couples and small businesses.

Double Photoshoot

Two Photoshoots at a discount price. Perfect to combine both pregnancy and baby Photoshoots and have full coverage of this important phase of your life.

Photo Services Voucher

Offer someone else the Photo Service of your choice. The Voucher is a nice postcard, so you can write your inscription.


Add a 30-minute block to your Photoshoot, a 10-picture set to your pack or bring the grandma along to your family shoot. Available when booking or later on. Ideal for when you need more than you've initially planed.


Overwhelmed with the personal project to organize all your photos? Get help to sort out that "Best Of" photo album in time.

Photo Album

Your selection of the best pictures in a customized Photo Album. To keep.

Greeting Cards

Select your favorite picture and create a Greeting Card to share the love.


More into video? Instead of a Photoshoot, you can book a Videoshoot.


Take a look at some selected works, to get an idea of what the diferent types of shoots look like.

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Start your next gift in three simple steps.


Haven't yet started to think about your next gift?
I can help you with that!
Just follow these three simple steps.

Book a Photoshoot - which itself is a great gift for yourself and your family! Surprise your significant one with a spontaneous and fun Photoshoot. Bring your kids and spend a nice time playing around while I take your picture.
With all your favorite pictures from the Photoshoot, order a Photo Album, customized to your own taste.
Your children's grandparents will treasure it, and you'll love it too!
Pick that one picture which you really loved from the Photoshoot and order an awesome poster or canvas print. Create an impact!

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